Social Network Marketing

Many people see social network marketing (SNM) as an inexpensive, or even free way to increase business. Others see it as a time-waster.

The Marketing Department is well aware that SNM is not measured so much in ROI (return on investment), but on ROT (return on time). Without a plan, SNM is absolutely a time and money waster. However, with more and more people networking on-line and researching their purchases in the same way, a properly prepared and implemented SNM plan has become necessary for a company's future.

The Marketing Department will work with you to develop a plan, set up the necessary on-line resources, and even run the program for you.

Marketing Plans

A properly prepared marketing plan is a roadmap to how your future growth will be accomplished. It analyzes both the market and your capabilities today and as anticipated, for tomorrow. It then lays out the steps that will be used to grow your business.

The Marketing Department staff is experienced in working with clients to develop marketing plans that will assist you in growing your business. We can do the actual legwork, or consult with you to do it yourself.

We are always willing to discuss what might be the best for you. Call for a free initial consultation: 970.259.4027.

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising Creative
Whether you need a full service advertising program developed and implemented across multiple media outlets or just a single ad to go into a magazine, expect to get the most effective results from The Marketing Department.

Our staff of advertising and creative specialists have years of experience in developing advertising. We are experienced in:

Our advertising GROWS your business.


Sales and Marketing Research and Creative
Creating an advertisement or an entire program requires a clear understanding of the market forces, prospects and selling. The Marketing Department staff has years of experience in analyzing the market and understanding the needs of prospects. We can do this for you utilizing surveys, focus groups and one-on-one interviews. Through the use of experience and knowledge, a creative program can be developed that will target your best prospects with the information that will move them towards buying decisions in your favor. Only people with the years of belly-to-belly selling in both retail and industrial fields can bring you the impact that understanding the emotional and rational decision making that create a sale.


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