Social Network Marketing

Many people see social network marketing (SNM) as an inexpensive, or even free way to increase business. Others see it as a time-waster.

The Marketing Department is well aware that SNM is not measured so much in ROI (return on investment), but on ROT (return on time). Without a plan, SNM is absolutely a time and money waster. However, with more and more people networking on-line and researching their purchases in the same way, a properly prepared and implemented SNM plan has become necessary for a company's future.

The Marketing Department will work with you to develop a plan, set up the necessary on-line resources, and even run the program for you.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which implies improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Quality of traffic is what visitors are you attracting to your website. If you are looking for Big Toy Storage for a boat or RV but are instead getting storage boxes for kids toys, then your quality of traffic is compromised. Once the quality of results are good and the right traffic starts to click from the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), it may create a snowball effect that increases traffic.

Orangic results come from none paid SERPs that come up in the search engine you are using. Ranking in organic results can increase by maintaining SEO.

How does SEO work? Well, this is a little different with individual search engines. For the most part, a Crawler is used to gather information that is indexed then fed into an algorithm that pops out matches based off what you searched. The search engine's algorithm is based off a lot of factors. Google, for example, likes to keep secret what their signals are, but that we can measure from the results of Google's algorithm in ranking different sites.

Here are a few listed below:

  • Domain Level Keyword Usage
  • Social Metrics (Quantity or quality of Facebook shares, tweeted links)
  • User, Usage, & traffic/Query Data
  • Content length, readability, uniqueness, load speed, etc.
  • Quantity of links/Quality of links to your website.

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