Copywriting and Copy Editing

When you issue a design project to us, you have the option of providing the copy ready to go, having us edit your copy for grammar and minor suggestions for marketing effectiveness, or a complete copywriting project by an experienced writer who knows how to combine words to create the technical and emotional impact that causes appropriate action by the targeted prospect.

Our goal is to combine the writing and art that will make your program the most effective possible.

Who Owns Your Artwork?

Under the 1976 Copyright Act as amended, a work is automatically protected by copyright from the time it is created in a fixed form and is the property of the one who created it. In other words, if you have a photographer take a photograph for you to use in a brochure, he owns the copyright. Similarly, if you hire a copywriter to write the brochure, he owns the words. And, if you have a graphic designer design the brochure, he owns the design while the graphic artist owns any illustrations he created.

Don't let yourself get caught in a situation where you think you own materials that were created on your behalf. Get it in writing up front as to exactly what rights you have.

TMD's copyright policy: In general, TMD holds the copyright to all materials created by TMD and unlimited usage is granted to you. However, copyright is always, automatically granted for logos.

Here is a PDF file of the U.S. Copyright Office's Circular 1 which provides an overview of copyright law and Circular 9 which outlines the copyright law on works made for hire.

Please note: it is no longer necessary for a work to have a statement of copyright on it nor to be registered with the Copyright office for the work to be legally protected.


Graphic Design: When Marketing Matters

Our years of experience utilizing creative design and creating innovative materials that fit about any budget allows us to offer you outstanding results. Our in-house staff includes a creative director, art director, design specialist and imaging specialist who’s combined expertise provides you unsurpassed creativity and experience for:

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