Direct Marketing Mailing List Rental

There are mailing lists and then there are really good mailing lists. Even each of the good lists has its strengths and weaknesses. Since 1990, The Marketing Department has developed the knowledge and experience to determine which compiler has the most accurate data needed for any mailing project. The Marketing Department is on-line with the most accurate lists so that we can give you immediate counts and fulfill your order in whatever time frame you require. Follows are some of our most popular lists that we have available on-line.

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Consumer Lists

Acxiom Consumer File
If you watch the TV program, 60 Minutes, you may have first heard of Acxiom in one of its reports. Since Acxiom is not a credit reporting agency, they have flown under the radar to the average consumer, while compiling vast quantities of demographic data on virtually every person and houshold in the U.S. The Acxiom Consumer file is updated monthly and is compiled from over 100 different sources that include transactional data, real property data, public records, and more. Unique elements on the Acxiom Consumer file include automotive data, buying activities, interests, and the Personicx segmentation system.

Epsilon Total Source PLUS File
The TotalSource Plus Consumer file is updated every 6 weeks and is compiled from literally hundreds of sources. Epsilon provides clients with unparalleled information about their customers and prospects. From demographics to lifestyles and propensity to buy as well as donor/social concerns, hobbies, investments, tradelines and more.

Compact Consumer File
The Compact Consumer file is updated every month and is compiled from numerous sources that include consumer surveys, public records, purchase transactions, real estate data, and more. Unique elements on the Compact Consumer file include elderly adult selects, family position codes, and hobbies and interests.

Experian Consumer File
The Experian Consumer file is updated monthly and is compiled from many sources and allows you to demographically segment your list to reach prospects for your business. Target by age, gender, estimated income (as a credit reporting agency, Experian is uniquely qualified to estimate income), marital status, dwelling type and more. The Experian Consumer file connects you with diverse, responsive audiences.

KBM Group File
The KBM Group file is updated every other month and is compiled from dozens of sources that include purchase transactions, state license files, survey data, voter registration data, and more. Unique elements on the KBM Group file include occupation codes, Digital Neighborhoods, hobbies and interests.

Acxiom Real Property Advantage File
The Acxiom Real Property Advantage file allows us to reach verified homeowners at their mailing address. We can even reach second homeowners at their main residence while targeting the area where their second home is located. The Acxiom Real Property Advantage file is updated monthly and is compiled from numerous sources that include county assessor data, county recorder data, and attributes from the Acxiom consumer file. Unique elements on the Acxiom Real Property Advantage file include property value, lender name, loan information, and property characteristics.

Occupant Data

Compact Resident Occupant (Saturation Data) File
Reach virtually every mailable residential and/or business address within a given geographical area. Resident/Occupant data, a.k.a. saturation data, is sourced directly from the United States Postal Service and is updated monthly. In a saturation mailing, mail pieces are delivered in walk sequence and are eligible for postal discounts when 90% of the possible addresses are included in the mailing. While this type of data is ideal for many general marketing offers, it is not personalized or demographically targeted.

Business Data

InfoGroup (InfoUSA) Business List
Reach businesses at their mailing address. The Infogroup file is updated monthly and is compiled from hundreds of sources that include new business filings, corporate websites, telephone directories and more. You can target businesses by elements like SIC code, employee size, and sales volume and individuals within the business by title/job function. Unique elements on the Infogroup file include Business Credit Scores, Franchise Codes, Bankruptcy data and more.